Pixel 7a Could Be Google’s Last Mid-Tier Budget A-Series Phone

As the Google I/O 2023 event draws near, more leaks and rumors about the highly anticipated pocket-friendly Google Pixel 7a are surfacing online. According to reports, the pocket-friendly mid-range Pixel is expected to debut in the next few weeks. A detailed Pixel 7a dump has recently provided information about the phone’s battery capacity, RAM type, and more. Previously leaked renders have also showcased the device in four different color options – white, black, blue and coral.

In December of last year, a leak from a reliable source revealed Google’s Pixel roadmap to the tech world. According to the leak, Google may be reconsidering its A-series strategy. The plan is to release a Pixel 8a, codenamed “akita.” However, whether or not the Pixel 8a actually gets released could depend on how well the Pixel 7a performs in terms of sales.

Yogesh Brar, a well-known tipster, has recently shared on Twitter that the Pixel 7a could be the last in Google’s A series lineup. According to Brar, Google may choose to discontinue the A series and focus solely on the vanilla Pixel and the Pro model moving forward. This information contradicts the previous leak of a Pixel 8a with the codename “akita,” leaving fans and tech enthusiasts to speculate on Google’s future plans for its smartphone lineup.

While Brar suggests that Google may choose to discontinue the A series altogether, our sources indicate that Google may instead move to a biannual release schedule. It’s possible that Google may even choose to rebrand the mid-tier budget phone line, although our sources did not mention this possibility.

If Google does choose to change the name of the line, it would effectively mean the end of the A series, but the mid-tier budget phone line that Pixel owners know and love would still exist. As of now, it’s unclear what Google’s plans are for its smartphone lineup, but we can expect more information to surface in the coming months.

This approach aligns with Google’s rumored plans to shake up its Pixel lineup, which includes the possibility of releasing a foldable Pixel phone, as well as adding new mid-range models to the mix. However, until Google confirms its plans, we can only speculate on what the future holds for the Pixel A series. One thing is for sure, though: the Pixel 7a will still be a highly anticipated device when it launches, as it promises to offer a great balance of features and affordability.

As of now, it’s unclear whether the Pixel 7a will be the last in the A-series line, as Google has not made any official statements regarding the future of its mid-range devices. However, there have been rumors that the company may discontinue the A-series and focus solely on the premium Pixel line. This move would be similar to what Apple did with its iPhone SE line, which has not seen an update in a while, as the company has shifted its focus to the higher-end models. Nonetheless, until there is official confirmation from Google, it’s all just speculation.


Yogesh Brar

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