Google Pixel 7a Stars in Teardown and Hands-On Videos

Google is set to release the Pixel 7a next week, along with the highly anticipated Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet. A recent disassembly video has highlighted the ease of repairing the Pixel 7a, with Google making it more repairable than its previous models like Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro. However, there are some limitations to be aware of, such as the battery capacity of the Pixel 7a.

PBKreviews, a popular YouTuber, has released a new teardown video that features the Google Pixel 7a. While leaks and rumors about Google phones are nothing new, this one is quite unique. In the video, PBKreviews goes through the disassembly process and highlights how the latest Google smartphone is more repairable compared to its predecessors.

The Pixel 7a bears a striking resemblance to the Pixel 7, however, it seems to be more serviceable than Google’s less expensive flagship device. PBKreviews has revealed that the Pixel 7a can be disassembled from either its display or back panel, unlike most contemporary smartphones. This means that fewer components need to be removed to replace the battery compared to the Pixel 7.

Furthermore, PBKreviews has shown that the Pixel 7a’s back panel has no connections to the device, which makes repairs even easier. However, there are several T4 screws holding the mid-frame in place and a single T2 screw that must be removed before accessing the battery.

The initial step in the teardown process, as is standard in these videos, is the removal of the SIM tray and the detachment of the back. The good news is that the Pixel 7a can be disassembled from both the front and back, meaning that a screen repair won’t necessitate nearly complete dismantling of the phone. Furthermore, the Pixel 7a features a plastic back that appears almost identical to the standard Pixel 7.

As the teardown continues, PBKreviews shows the wireless charging coil and NFC antenna. Underneath these components, there is a 4,300 mAh battery with pull tabs for easy removal. The mainboard of the Pixel 7a contains a 64MP primary camera with OIS, a 13MP ultrawide module, and a 13MP front-facing camera.

Although the Pixel 7a’s battery is slightly smaller than the Pixel 7’s, it is still unclear how Google will advertise the phone’s battery capacity, as there are two different typical capacities listed on the device. The Pixel 7a is expected to have similar battery life to the Pixel 7 due to its use of the same chipset and comparable display.

The charging port on the Pixel 7a is soldered to the main board, according to the teardown video. PBKreviews awarded the Pixel 7a a reparability score of 7.5/10, which is higher than the scores of the Pixel 7 (6/10) and Pixel 7 Pro (5.5/10).

On the other hand, a new 16-minute video has surfaced featuring a hands-on experience with the unreleased device. The presenter asserts that this unit was not given to him for review, but rather purchased by himself. He proceeds to showcase the phone from various perspectives and contrasts it to the Pixel 6a and Pixel 7.

As you can see in the video, a retail unit of the Pixel 7a has been obtained by YouTuber Munchy, as indicated by the “PRODUCTION” flag in Fastboot Mode. In contrast, previous Pixel 7a prototypes displayed “DEVELOPMENT” next to their Secure boot entry. Munchy has shared new hardware details about the Pixel 7a and a lengthy hands-on video of the device. The Arctic Blue variant appears to have a Snow-like color in most lighting conditions. The Pixel 7a features a 90 Hz display, a Google Tensor G2 chipset, 8 GB LPDDR5 RAM, and wireless charging, all of which are firsts for the Pixel A-Series.


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