Pixel Buds Pro update gets 5-band EQ feature (v1.0.474476083)


It’s been just a couple of months since Google Pixel Buds Pro launched, but without user-customizable EQ settings. During the launch time, Google has hinted us that the new Pixel Buds Pro will get a “full 5-band EQ” in the coming days. As promised by Google, you will be getting a new firmware update in the coming days.

9to5Google site claims that a new firmware update is headed for the Pixel Buds Pro tat brings a new 5-band EQ feature. This feature lets users to change the volume balance of the buds using a slider by moving it to the left will raise the volume on the left side while lowering it on the right.

The new 5-band EQ is expected to be vertical with sliders unlike a traditional banded EQ which slides horizontally. The latest version firmware update (v1.0.474476083) brings the new 5-band equalizer which lets you to manually control the following list of customizable EQ settings:

  • Balanced
  • Clarity
  • Default
  • Heavy bass
  • Last saved
  • Light bass
  • Vocal boost

The update also brings two different bass boost modes and a “Vocal boost” feature. The new Volume Balance feature lets you to use a slider to adjust which side of the bud’s speaker produces more sound in your ears.

None of these basic settings are functional just yet. This is just a bunch of basic features that could have been already made available, but Google is taking a lot of time to fix these issues. It is important to note that Pixel Buds Pro still sound pretty good, are quite comfortable to wear.  Apart from the addition of new EQ feature, the update is also expected to contain general fixes and stability improvements. The new firmware will appear in your Pixel Buds app when Google is ready to push out these features given the code is already inside of the app.

source: 9to5Google

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