Google’s Pixel Fold Revolutionizes Tripod-Free Astrophotography

Astrophotography has long been a standout capability of Google’s Pixel smartphones, showcasing impressive performance over several generations. However, the introduction of the Pixel Fold injects renewed excitement into this feature, courtesy of a fortuitous design convergence.

The Pixel lineup has consistently delivered remarkable astrophotography capabilities, capturing awe-inspiring images of the night sky. With the Pixel Fold’s arrival, this feature is revitalized, thanks to a serendipitous alignment of design elements.

Similar to Samsung’s foldable devices, the Pixel Fold possesses the handy ability to hold its position when folded or unfolded, granting users the freedom to “pose” the device at specific angles. This feature proves beneficial for activities like watching videos or taking selfies. However, Google has emphasized another intriguing application for this functionality through a brief blog post: astrophotography.

By leveraging the Pixel Fold’s hinge mechanism to adjust the device’s angle and stabilize it on a flat surface, users can conveniently set up for astrophotography shots without requiring a separate tripod, which was often necessary with previous Pixel models. What enhances this feature even more is the fact that the Fold incorporates multiple screens.

This means that while utilizing this setup, users can simultaneously view what they are capturing, providing real-time feedback and ensuring the perfect shot. The combination of the adjustable hinge and dual-screen functionality adds a new level of convenience and usability to astrophotography on the Pixel Fold.

Google highlights the challenge of keeping a camera steady, particularly when capturing images of stars, where a longer exposure is often necessary. However, Pixel Fold users now have an advantage as they no longer require a tripod to stabilize their shots. The device’s tabletop mode allows it to balance effortlessly, with one screen directed towards the sky.

This setup not only eliminates the need for additional equipment but also offers a better view of the composition. The split screen functionality of the Pixel Fold enables users to see precisely what the camera is capturing, removing the guesswork and allowing for more accurate and satisfying astrophotography shots.

In addition to introducing this innovative approach, Google has generously shared sample astrophotography shots taken with the Pixel Fold using the tabletop mode method. The showcased images demonstrate the impressive capabilities of the device in capturing stunning shots of the night sky. The results truly speak for themselves, showcasing the Pixel Fold’s ability to deliver exceptional astrophotography outcomes, further reinforcing its position as a remarkable tool for capturing awe-inspiring celestial moments.


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