Pixel Fold ‘Felix’ Factory Images, OTA Files Now Available

If your eagerly anticipated Google Pixel Fold arrives in the upcoming days, and by chance, you happen to inadvertently render it inoperable due to tinkering, fear not! You now have the means to resurrect it, courtesy of recently released factory image files. In a stroke of good fortune, Google has made available the initial batch of Pixel Fold images today, aligning flawlessly with the official launch day of the device.

In contrast, the pre-installed Android version on the Pixel Fold is from February 2023, albeit accompanied by the June security patch. Given this situation, we highly advise promptly updating the device to the latest version available. You can accomplish this either through the regular system update procedure or by manually installing the Over-The-Air (OTA) update.

Taking these measures ensures that you have the most up-to-date software, enhancing your device’s performance and security. Moreover, it offers a sense of reassurance in case any software-related mishaps occur with your shiny new gadget. Additionally, this release confirms the codename that we have been closely tracking for months, adding to the excitement and anticipation surrounding the Pixel Fold.

On Google’s factory image and OTA files page, the Pixel Fold has been officially listed under the codename “felix.” This confirms the codename that has been circulating in the months leading up to the device’s launch. The availability of Pixel Fold factory images at such an early stage can prove to be highly advantageous, especially for individuals who prefer manual sideloading of Android updates, as this method is often quicker than waiting for the official OTA update.

It is particularly beneficial for those who enjoy modifying their device’s software, granting them greater control and customization options. Furthermore, the factory images serve as a valuable resource in the rare occurrence of software issues, allowing users to restore their device to its original state.

Regarding the images shared today, there are three builds currently accessible, one of which could potentially be a day one update. You can download these builds from the following links:

After receiving your Pixel Fold, you can verify its software version. If you find that it is currently running on TD3A.230203.070.A1, there is a possibility that an update to build TQ3C.230605.010.C1 may be available for your device.

Please ensure that you select the appropriate build for your specific Pixel Fold device. Exercise caution while downloading and installing the files, following the provided instructions to ensure a smooth and successful update process.



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