Pixel Tablet’s Charging Dock to be Sold Separately at $129

It’s worth noting that while Google exited the tablet market in 2019, the company made a surprising announcement at last year’s I/O event. During the event, Google gave attendees a sneak peek at its upcoming Pixel Tablet. This was a significant move for the company, as it marked its return to a market that it had abandoned for several years.

The Pixel Tablet promises to be a unique offering in the Android tablet space, with a secret weapon that could give it an edge over its competitors. According to Google, the tablet will also serve as a smart home hub, effectively combining two devices in one. This means that users will be able to control their smart home devices directly from their tablet, making it a versatile and convenient addition to any smart home setup.

The Pixel Tablet is designed to function as a smart display when docked to a speaker device, much like the Nest Hub. Recently, there have been several leaks and rumors about the tablet’s charging dock, and it seems that an Amazon listing may have revealed some new details about the accessory.

Yes, it seems that the charging base for the Pixel Tablet will be available for purchase separately, according to the listing spotted by 9to5Toys. However, the price of the dock has generated some concern, as it is more expensive than the Nest Hub (2nd Gen), which retailed for $100 at launch. The Pixel Tablet’s dock is expected to cost $129, which may be a bit steep for some consumers.

Despite the higher price, the dock could be a worthwhile investment for those looking to make the most of their Pixel Tablet. The dock is expected to provide a range of features and functionality, including the ability to turn the tablet into a smart display and control various smart home devices. This could make the Pixel Tablet and its dock an excellent choice for tech-savvy users who want a versatile and innovative device that can keep up with their busy lifestyles.

According to recent reports, Google’s upcoming Pixel Tablet will be accompanied by a “charging speaker dock,” codenamed “Korlan.” This dock is designed to provide constant charging to the tablet, as well as function as a speaker for audio playback. The dock measures 6.65 x 3.71 x 2.77 inches, making it compact and easy to fit into any home setup.

The Amazon listing for the dock also reveals that it is expected to launch on May 10, which is the same day as Google’s upcoming I/O 2023 event. This makes sense, as it would allow Google to unveil both the tablet and the accompanying dock at the same time, generating maximum buzz and excitement among consumers.

It’s likely that the Pixel Tablet’s charging dock will indeed function as both a charger and an external speaker, as previous reports have suggested. Additionally, the option to assign the dock to a specific room in Google Home would allow users to move the tablet around while keeping the dock in one place, making it a more versatile and flexible device.

However, the high price of the charging dock could make the overall cost of the Pixel Tablet and dock combination quite expensive. While this may be a concern for some consumers, it’s important to keep in mind that the Pixel Tablet is expected to offer a range of innovative and cutting-edge features, which could make it worth the investment for those looking for a high-quality tablet.

After initially being spotted on Amazon, the listing for the upcoming Pixel Tablet’s charging dock has now disappeared. This comes after the listing was briefly live and available for consumers to view, although the price and release date were later removed from the listing.

It’s unclear why the listing was removed, although it’s possible that it was done in response to the information being leaked prematurely. Alternatively, it’s possible that there was an error with the listing, or that Google requested it be taken down for other reasons.

Ultimately, the success of the Pixel Tablet and its charging dock will depend on a range of factors, including pricing, features, and overall performance. However, with Google’s track record of delivering innovative and high-quality devices, there’s a good chance that the Pixel Tablet and its dock will be a hit among consumers.



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