Pixel Tablet Set to Receive ‘Pen’ and ‘Keyboard’ Accessories

Google’s recently released Pixel Tablet, released last week, seems to have overlooked a few essential accessories that users would have undoubtedly appreciated. However, recent indications indicate that Google is actively developing “Pen” and “Keyboard” peripherals to accompany the Pixel Tablet.

The Pixel Tablet stands out as a notable Android tablet, offering a distinct approach that sets it apart from its competitors like the iPad and Samsung tablets. Google’s emphasis was on delivering a well-executed Nest Hub-like add-on, which proves to be highly functional and impressive overall. However, this focus also means that users lack integrated options to effectively accomplish tasks on the tablet, as there is currently no keyboard available that truly feels seamlessly integrated with the device.

Developer Pratyush made an intriguing finding that indicates the possible existence of these accessories, as reported by Android Authority. During an exploration of the factory images of the latest Pixel Retail Demo app version, the developer came across code strings labeled “Keyboard for Pixel Tablet” and “Pen for Pixel Tablet.” This discovery adds to the speculation that Google may be working on bringing these accessories to enhance the functionality of the Pixel Tablet.

Furthermore, Dylan’s discovery sheds light on potential updates related to the stylus. The code strings reveal a system update notification that advises users to install the latest Android update to optimize their stylus experience. This suggests that Google may be actively working on improving stylus functionality and ensuring compatibility with the Pixel Tablet.

Indeed, it is worth noting that the Pixel Tablet launched with support for USI 2.0 stylus pens, which allows users to leverage the device’s 11-inch LCD with its impressive 120Hz refresh rate. While the discovery of a teaser within Google’s code hinting at the possibility of a stylus pen is not entirely unexpected, it can be disappointing that the tablet did not include the stylus pen as part of the initial package. However, the existence of this teaser suggests that Google may have plans to introduce a stylus pen as an accessory in the future, providing users with a more complete and versatile tablet experience.

While the discovery of the code strings indicates the existence of the keyboard and stylus accessories for the Pixel Tablet, information regarding their availability, pricing, and additional details remains scarce. Further analysis of the app’s code has not revealed any specific information beyond their existence. It suggests that users will have to wait for future announcements from Google to learn more about these accessories and their potential release dates.


Android Authority

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