Pixel Tablet teased once again ahead of 2023 release

Google once again previewed the Pixel Tablet on stage at the Pixel 7 series announcement event, presenting us yet another look at the upcoming tablet and dropping some key information about the device. In specific, Google shared its vision for how this tablet can live in your house.

At this event, Google teased a new Charging Speaker Dock that can keep the Pixel Tablet charged 24/7, much rather operating as a smart home display as well as a portable tablet. The speaker in the dock has enhanced audio features. The Pixel Tablet acts as photo frame or as a hands-free Assistant when it is docked. If you aren’t using the Pixel Tablet, just toss it on the dock, so that the tablet gets wirelessly charged and also double as a smart home speaker. It docks via magnets which makes it is very easy for to dock and undock the Pixel Tablet and acts as a Google Home-like device. Google is clearly focusing on a tablet experience that can double as a smart home hub.

just like the Pixel series, the Pixel Tablet is also powered by Tensor G2 that puts more emphasis on artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced image processing, and Pixel phone features such as video calling, photo editing.


The Pixel Tablet has a premium nanoceramic finish and it indeed runs Android OS, with the newest tablet layout from Android 13. Google claims that the latest Android 13 has been perfectly tuned with big screens and the Pixel Tablet in particular.

Optimized stylus support was also tossed in as a key feature of the Pixel Tablet. Google hasn’t revealed any specs of the Pixel Tablet such as screen size, camera features. Google didn’t reveal any details about exact release date and pricing, just reiterated that Pixel Tablet will launch some time in 2023. We just hope Google will having much more to announce about the Pixel Tablet beyond a smart dock when it finally launches in next year.

Source: Twitter

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