Google: Your Pixel Watch doesn’t support Qi wireless pad

Earlier this month, Google finally unveiled the Pixel Watch, its first highly anticipated smartwatch. Throughout its event, however, the manufacturer never once mentioned whether the users can charge their Pixel Watch with the Pixel phones or a standard Qi Wireless pad.

Google confirmed to the folks over 9to5Google that the Pixel Watch The Pixel Watch ships with the proprietary charger in the box doesn’t officially support Qi wireless charging. Here is the statement straight from Google itself:

“Qi charging is not supported on the Google Pixel Watch. There may be some charging configurations where reverse wireless or Qi charging appears to work. This will be very device and charger specific and is not guaranteed to provide a consistent, steady or strong charge. Note that in some cases, this could cause the device to discharge while on charger. Pixel Watch only supports charging with the inbox charger provided.”

So owners of the Pixel Watch will have to stick with that little charging pluck that came with box, according to Google. But, many users have been able to charge it wirelessly in some occasions. Some users on Reddit confirmed that they test it on a power bank that supports Qi-compatible wireless, and the Pixel Watch’s charging speed is going up just as fast as the charger it came with.

Nils Ahrensmeier placed the Pixel Watch on the back of the Pixel 7 Pro handset, and he was able to charge it using the battery sharing feature. However, some mentions revealed that it only worked for ten seconds, then it stopped charging.

Via: 9to5Google

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