Google Pixel Watch Getting January 2023 Update

Phones aren’t the only Google devices getting updates at the moment. Google’s first ever Pixel Watch also seeing a new update. We guess Google might be planning to update the Pixel Watch monthly, just like Pixel phones. Google launched its first smartwatch in last year. The Pixel Watch looks stylish enough with its 41mm case and round frame that the bands for directly right into. It has also been performing very well running on an older dual-core Exynos 9110 chip (from 2018).

Google Pixel Watch is currently getting a new on-device OTA update to the January 2023 security patch. Google is doing solid by providing updates this often for the Pixel watch.

The update for this month is literally small, which is basically just a security patch (“the latest security patches”) that will add a “fix to address 3rd party watch faces turning off after 15 mins with always on display (AOD) enabled.” Google also explained a fix for an issue related to older clock faces that don’t use the Jetpack Watch Face library: Fix to address 3rd party watch faces turning off after 15 mins with always on display (AOD) enabled.

This update is carrying the January 5, 2023 security patch level, and rolling out both the Wi-Fi and LTE models.Build number will be upgraded to RWD9.220429.073, while the Japan and Taiwan based Pixel Watches will be upgrades with firmware version: RWD9.220429.073.J1.

  • Google Pixel Watch: RWD9.220429.073
  • Google Pixel Watch (JP/TW): RWD9.220429.073.J1


If you own a Pixel Watch and can’t wait for the update, you can check for the update by heading into your watch >> swipe down the top quick settings menu >> tap on the Settings shortcut >> scroll down to System and then tap “System updates.”

Source: Google

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