Pixel Watch QSS Battery Saver Toggle Rolling Out Now

After the widely available March 2023 update for Pixel Watch, users are eagerly anticipating the much-awaited ability to quickly turn on/off Battery Saver. However, the ability to quickly turn on/off Battery Saver was not included in the initial rollout, which brings a range of improvements and bug fixes. This feature has now started rolling out as a separate update.

Previously, to enable Battery Saver mode, users had to tap the battery tile in Quick Settings, which would open a fullscreen page displaying the current percentage and indicator bar below. To find the Battery Saver switch, users had to scroll down, which was a bit cumbersome.

With the latest rollout, the circular QS tile now functions as a toggle switch, enabling users to turn Battery Saver on or off with a single tap. The current battery percentage is still displayed, as before.

Although Google’s changelog stated that “enable/disable single tap support in QSS has been fully enabled in this release,” it was not entirely accurate, and the company clarified that the rollout was still ongoing. While some Pixel Watch owners have reported receiving the new Battery Saver toggle, it has not yet become widely available and has not appeared on all devices.

Google had teased the Battery Saver toggle feature in December, but the details of its rollout are still unclear. It’s possible that this update is being gradually rolled out through server-side changes rather than an app update to the app itself.

It’s great to hear that some Reddit users were able to use the Battery Saver toggle on their Pixel Watches successfully! With this new update, the circular quick settings tile acts like a toggle, allowing you to quickly turn on and off the Battery Saver feature with just one press. It’s a welcome improvement from the previous method of having to scroll through the settings to access it. Hopefully, this makes managing your watch’s battery life more convenient and effortless for you.

To perform the update, ensure that your Pixel Watch is connected to a charger, has more than 50% battery life, and is connected to a Wi-Fi network. While the update has already started to roll out to some users, it may take some time for it to become widely available.

However, Pixel Watch users are still eagerly waiting for an update to the Google Clock app, which is expected to fix the issues of alarms being delayed or too early.  While we wait for the Google Clock update to address the delayed or early alarm issues, there is something interesting to note about the clock’s design. When the clock is powered off, it displays a minimalist and sleek design that is sure to catch your eye. It’s a testament to the attention to detail that Google puts into its products, even in the small details that are easy to overlook. Take a moment to appreciate the clean lines and simple aesthetic the next time you power off your Google Clock.

Source: Reddit

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