[Download] Plex For Windows Phone Available Now

Plex For Windows Phone

Plex has officially released its official app for Windows Phone platform. Plex is a popular app for those of you who have got Home Theater PC setup that use Plex Media Center. Plex app for Windows Phone let you to to stream movies, music and photos to your devices on the go. This app is also available for Android, iOS, Mac, iPad and iPhone devices.

“The Plex application allows you to use your Windows Phone to browse and play your media (video, photos and music) using the Plex Media Server installed on your PC, Mac or Linux system. You can also view online media from a variety of sources.

Some users are reporting about the video crashes issues. The company is trying to figure out the crashes whenever playing video and promised to fix the issues in the near future.


Head over to Windows Marketplace to download the Plex app for Windows Phone for $4.99. Or else you can grab it from the link provided here at below.

Link – Plex for Windows Phone.

You can also try the Plex app for free, which provides 30-second playback of media.

Plex For Windows Phone Plex For Windows Phone

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