[Pre-Order] – Apple iPad mini now up for preorder

Apple iPad Mini Pre-order

Apple iPad mini is now up for pre-order. You can pre order the new, much anticipated iPad version starting at $329 from Apple store. The Apple store was down just before the pre-order started. Now it is up and running showing the iPad mini in the home page.

The preorder is up for all the models of iPad mini. But the delivery timeline will be different for Wi-Fi only and Cellular models.

# iPad Mini 16GB Wi-Fi only – $329 – Delivery November 2
# iPad Mini 32GB Wi-Fi only – $429 – Delivery November 2
# iPad Mini 64GB Wi-Fi only – $529 – Delivery November 2
# iPad Mini 16GB Wi-Fi + LTE – $459 – Shipping mid-November
# iPad Mini 32GB Wi-Fi + LTE – $559 – Shipping mid-November
# iPad Mini 64GB Wi-Fi + LTE – $659 – Shipping mid-November

Apple iPad Mini Pre-order models

The iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular models will be available with US carries viz. AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.

The Apple iPad mini was announced on October 23 and it is the concentrated version of the iPad 2, which has got all the notable specifications and decent hardware as the original iPad with only difference as size. It boots iOS 6, sports a 7.9-inch IPS LCD display with 1024 X 768 pixels of resolution, an Apple dual-core A5 processor, a FaceTime HD camera on the front, and 5 megapixel iSight camera on the back with 1080p HD video recording capability, 802.11 Wi-Fi a/b/g/n support for speeds up to 150 Mbps, Lightning to USB connector, LTE/DC-HSDPA connectivity, Safari browser, access to App Store, iCloud services, 16.3Wh battery to power everything, a whole host of the iOS services and all the regular features of an iPad. You can read the full specs here.

Pre-Order iPad mini at Apple Store

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