Press Render of the New Nokia Asha Phone Leaked

New Nokia Asha Phone

Good news for the budget-conscious customers in developing countries who would like to get their hands on the new line of the upcoming Nokia Asha phones. It looks like sales of the Asha phone is shaping up to be pretty good for the Finnish mobile maker. According to a new leak, Nokia is currently working a new Nokia Asha model.

Twitter’s leakster, @evleaks posted an image of an unknown Asha phone. This is supposedly a press rendering of a new Nokia Asha phone. Somehow, it does strike us as a low-end device with affordable price range. As you can clearly note in the above image, the Finnish mobile company is appearing to have borrowed some of the visual cues from the Nokia Lumia handsets to make upcoming Asha phones more attractive.

The front of the device is lacking a couple of the traditional physical buttons that are located on a  plastic strip right below the screen of any existing Asha phone. Instead, we are looking at “back” arrow key and a simple circle below the screen.

It looks like the source is not sure of any possible spec of the device, so we will have to wait till we hear more about this one. Information regarding pricing isn’t also available at this time. The real question is when we’ll be seeing this Asha phone from Nokia.

Take a look at the supposed rendering of the Nokia Asha concepts.

Nokia Asha Supposed Renderings

Nokia Asha Supposed Renderings

Source: @evleaks

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