[Review] Apple iOS 6–The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Features

Today, Apple’s most refined mobile OS, iOS 6 is available for download for the users currently running iOS 5 or later.

Well as promised Apples seems to have delivered its promise, that the new iOS will be packed with user-friendly, “Good” features. As per our knowledge several changes in the iOS 6 have received warm welcome from critics, reviewers, and users, well except for a few.

Here is all you need to know before going for the new OS – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly:

The Good:


The good features will definitely become a part and parcel of your life. Apple iOS 6 has a minor change in the call response options. After a long pause in changing the call options in iOS series, the change will definitely have its impact on the users. You have the option of setting custom messages instead of the default ones and respond to incoming calls with an outgoing text or iMessage note, send calls to voicemail or ask for a reminder.

The next feature is the Do Not Disturb option. Apple has eased the option of no disturb mode in iOS 6. Priority VIP tagging on email inbox is another feature in iOS 6 which means you can quickly access to your most important messages. Another change in email option is the Individual signature for individual mails. In earlier versions, we used to have one common signature which was problematic as Official and personal mails should have different signatures. Well this has been solved.


For iPad users the good news is the introduction of the the iPad Clock app. It has a world clock, weather-forecast.

The changes made in Siri is another good one. Siri can offer the latest sports scores, make restaurant suggestions and reservations, and now Siri can list the latest available movies, timings, and reviews among other tasks. Siri can be used to post tweets on Twitter or launch an app. There are several other new featurs now available in Siri, you can discover it by yourselves.

Changes in the Facebook sign on comes next.  Facebook system-level sign on has been implemented. Tasks such as sharing photos, posting status updates, etc. will be a lot easier now.

The Bad:


The new Passbook is the virtual wallet app that holds tickets, coupons, gift cards and more, and can pop up on your notification screen when you’re in the right place at the right time to use one. Passbook is powerful tool for marketers, retailers and brands. But there is a problem! Many users are having difficulty in using the app while for e.g. booking movie tickets. Well we are not telling Passbook is that bad, considering that it is just a rookie, a lot of improvement is expected in coming days. Its exciting to use this app and you should try it.

Another difficulty that users are facing id the redesigned app store. Searching apps may have been made difficult with the over detailing in the Apps results. The search results shows only one at a time on an iPhone and four at a time on an iPad. It makes looking for apps time consuming and more difficult.

And The Ugly:

Apple Map vs Google

The only ugly feature in iOS 6 is its Maps. This is a well known weakness of iOS 6. iOS 6 substituted Google Maps with its own service. Initial previews of the feature were critical and most accepted that Apple had a long way to go if it was looking to remove power of Google. It’s going to affect those who depend on public transit. Walking and driving directions may be better in Apple’s Maps offering, and turn-by-turn navigation works well but at the cost of your battery.

As a summary, the new iOS  6 is definitely an improvement and no doubt it s going to be a success. Except for there one or two glitches, other are super solid and iOS 6 is worth trying.

Download iOS 6: Direct Apple Download Links

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