RIM Selling Smartphones running BlackBerry 10 OS from February 2013

BlackBerry 10 smartphone

Research In Motion announced recently the launching event date for BlackBerry 10 operating system which is on January 30, 2013. The event will take place simultaneously at multiple locations around the world and in this upcoming event, they will also unveil of its first two BlackBerry 10 smartphones along with their details of availability.

Yesterday, RIM further announced that they will start selling smartphones running BlackBerry 10 operating system beginning February, 2013.

“We want to do it as quickly as possible,” Chief Operating Officer Kristian Tear said in an interview following RIM’s announcement of the January 30 date earlier in the day. Though the first phones won’t go on sale simultaneously worldwide, RIM is aiming for a release on multiple continents within 30 days of the unveiling.”

Blackberry 10 phones

A week ago, we reported that some analysts presumed that RIM’s upcoming operating system, BlackBerry 10 could be Dead on Arrival (DOA). Pacific Crest analyst, James Faucette claimed that BB10 has an unfamiliar user interface, a lack of compatible technology, and few software applications. So, it’s hard to say how many of those users will still be there when BB10 is finally launched. But RIM refused his statement stating that their upcoming operating system received the FIPS 140-2 certificating that would allow government agencies to deploy the devices along with enterprise management platform as soon as the new smartphones are launched.

Regarding the availability, we can expect that the smartphones will be available in 50 carriers around the world as RIM tested the devices on 50 carriers earlier.

Via: TechCrunch

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