Rooted Motorola Xoom will upgrade to 4G LTE: Confirmed

4G LTE Upgrade For Rooted Motorola Xoom

Well, it is really a good news for the owners of the Motorola Xoom. They can rejoice now. Forums Manager at Motorola Support Forums, has officially stated that it will try to upgrade the device to 4G LTE on any Xoom, connected by Verizon carrier. No worries if the Xoom has already rooted or unlocked, Motorola will definitely try to upgrade your loving tablet to upgrade. Motorola asks the users to keep the Xoom tablet with the “original factory firmware” reinstalled. But even if you don’t go with the company’s request, Motorola will still give a try to upgrade the tablet and your tablet will be returned with a 4G LTE modem installed. It’s just that there will be no guarantees the software upgrade will work.

Despite being 4G LTE capable, the Motorola Xoom ships with a 3G module and needs to be sent to Verizon in order to get a free upgrade to the speedier wireless technology and being without it for a few days. Verizon has been continuously announcing that the 4G LTE upgrade would be available ‘soon.’ But no confirmed date from the carrier and Motorola. We can say that this is a trick to attract the consumers to buy the tablet.

Anyhow, it’s a good move by the Motorola. Now start unlocking your XOOMs and wait for the 4G LTE upgrade.

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[Source: Motorola Forums]

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