[Rumor] Google Nexus 4 Seems to work on LTE 4G network

Google Nexus 4 LTE

There is no argument that Google Nexus 4 is one of the Google’s flagship devices running the latest version of Android mobile Operating System with some salient features and retails at a very affordable price. However, the smartphone lacks one of the remarkable features on its specification i.e. LTE capability. But recently it was revealed that the device has a Qualcomm WTR1605L seven-Band 4G LTE chip.

Today, a source reports that some Google Nexus 4 owners in Canada have checked whether their handsets are applicable to work on LTE network or not. They performed the test by entering *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer app. Then, they have set the network mode to automatic and they have found that the smartphone starts reconnecting with LTE network and apparently running. They performed the test on the Tellus 4G LTE network. Another source also reported that though the device does work on  LTE, the signal strength is weaker than of HTC One X. But the device reportedly works on Rogers LTE network as well.

Last Sunday, iFixit found that the Google Nexus 4 uses a Qualcomm 4G LTE chip which supports up to seven bands during an iFixit teardown. Although the device has an LTE-radio, the device has seems to have no LTE power Amplifier on the board and it was confirmed that Google and LG had deliberately disabled LTE chip on the Google Nexus 4.

It is notable that LG has confessed that the device do have an LTE Chip but without any additional hardware upgrade, there is no possibility of using the radio with any software fix. Well the current reports contradict the prior statement. But we believe the manufacturer at the moment.

Anyways, you can watch the following videos on how some Canadian Nexus 4 owners claimed that the device seems to be working on LTE network.

Source: XDA Developers Via:PocketNow

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