Rumor: Next-Gen iPad mini will have Retina display

Apple iPad mini

A report from Chinese site DoNews claimed that Apple‘s iPad mini display partner AU Optronics has a Retina-resolution display in the works for the next generation of the device. It is expected to be released next year as usual!

AU Optronics (AUO) is the first manufacturer in Taiwan to mass produce TFT-LCD panels. The manufacturer is to develop a resolution of up to 497ppi retina panel and is now ready to be used in the next generation of iPad mini.

It is reported that AUO will use indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) and Gate IC on array (GOA) technologies in order to reach the Retina resolution in a thin design required for the iPad mini. They also addressed the yield issues around the current iPad mini display, removing the light leakage that has restricted supplies.

AU Optronics

Without the indium gallium zinc oxide technology, it is difficult to develop ultrahigh resolution, and the technology of Gate IC On Array (GOA) is also necessary since the next-generation iPad Mini will have an ultra-narrow frame.

Despite the iPad mini went on sale successfully last Friday, Apple received a lot of criticism over this tablet. Folks are particularly unhappy with its high price level and it also lacks a retina display. Earlier, it was criticized that Apple’s iPad mini doesn’t follow in Apple’s tradition of providing the best.

The new iPad mini with Retina Display is expected to be shipped in large number during the fourth quarter of next year.

Source: DoNews(Translated) Via: MacRumors

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