Rumored Lower-End iPhone Could be Launched in Late 2013 for $99 to $149

Cheaper Apple iPhone

We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about the upcoming iPhone model from Apple. We are not sure whether it would be iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 or a multi colored next-gen iPhone. A couple of days ago, we’ve heard that Apple is planning to release a high-end spec’d next-gen iPhone sometime in the June followed by a low-end iPhone variant. That means Apple is planning to ditch its Q3/Q4 launch cycle and it feels right to choose a summer time frame to launch the upcoming iPhone this year.

According to “people briefed on the matter”, the Cupertino company is currently working a new iPhone with lower-end specifications and cheaper construction. Wall Street Journal believes that Apple is rumored to be working on a lower-end cheaper iPhone for the Chinese markets exclusively in 2013. Bloomberg sources also say that the low-cost iPhone model will be made available later in 2013. To be specific, it could be launched as soon as late 2013 for as low as $99. Or else, it will retail for between $99 to $149. Sources added that low-cost iPhone will built on existing parts with lower-cost polycarbonate plastic body in a cheaper package, carrying a larger display with an entirely brand new exterior design.

Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley says that “We believe Apple could launch a higher-end iPhone model by the June quarter versus its more typical September/October timing for a new iPhone launch. We also believe Apple could potentially launch a lower-end iPhone focused on more price-sensitive pre-paid markets, as we believe consumers in markets such as China, Latin America and Eastern Europe would have very strong demand for a more affordably priced 3G iPhone”, he noted.

Digitimes is saying some supply-chain sources that claim we will see a low-cost iPhone for China and other emerging markets in the 2nd half of 2013.

Source: Bloomberg, DigiTimes

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