HTC Wildfire 2 makes a cameo in the company’s commercial video?

Rumoured HTC Wildfire 2

We might be having a phone called HTC Wildfire 2 in future. HTC has uploaded a brief video clip on it’s official account of YouTube and we got a very few glimpses of a phone, which we haven’t covered or seen ever before. That mysterious smartphone, which made a cameo in the video is said to be the next iteration of the HTC Wildfire and it would be an inexpensive Android powered smartphone for sure.

The above phone is expected to make an appearance at next week’s Mobile World Congress show 2011 in Barcelona and the mystery should be solved there. The above phone is having the same design of the Wildfire, which rocks 3.2 inches screen and it is not having the optical trackpad.

The above phone is displaying the clocks of the Buenos Aires and Seattle – possibly suggesting that this phone could be a world phone. Check out the two-second cameo of the mysterious phone in the video after the break.

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