Sakshat 7-Inch Android Tablet Starts Shipping For $50

Sakshat tablet India

We hope you still remember the India’s $35 Android tablet which was announced last year. The tablet is an initiative of the Government of India aimed at providing the technical aid to students in India. The tablet was to ship early this year but eventually got delayed as the Indian government chose to re-invite tenders for the manufacturing when the initial vendor HCL infosystems couldn’t provide a bank guarantee of nearly $13.5 million. And now if you are wondering what this India’s ambitious project is up to, well looks like 10,000 units of Sakshat Android tablets have already been shipped to prestigious IIT institute located in one of the states in India and another 90,000 units will be shipped very soon.

This is really some good news for the tablet lovers who are looking for cheaper Android tablets. When the India announced the details about the $35 tablet project, it couldn’t attract many takers as they felt it as almost unachievable. But somehow the tablet managed to see the light of the day.

Coming to specs, you will be surprised to know that this Android OS powered tablet still managed to get a 2GB RAM, 32GB of inbuilt storage, 7-inch touchscreen, 2 USB ports, front-facing camera, Wi-Fi, Ethernet port etc. which you would only expect in a hefty-priced tablet.

However the tablet will be sold for $50 (Rs. 2,200) against the $35 price that was proposed initially. The Indian Government will subsidize the price by 50% to the students. Well, if you are in India, it’s time to check out what the tablet is in store for you. For our international readers, we still don’t have any official information about the global launch of the device. If it at all happens (likely), it’d be around next year.

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