Samsung rolls out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update for Galaxy S III in South Korea

Samsung Galaxy S3 Jellybean

Few months ago, South-Korean mobile corporation, Samsung confirmed that a Jelly Bean update is coming to the Galaxy S III very soon. Yesterday, Samsung has started rolling out the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for South Korean Galaxy S III, Samsung has kept its word.

At first, the update will be available for the Samsung 3G variant- the SHW-M440S. Later, it will be rolled out for the Galaxy S III LTE and Galaxy Note.

Samsung reports the Jelly Bean update brings to improve the Web-browsing, touch and speed driven apps, faster and smoother than the last Jelly Bean.

It also includes Google Now features, Free Style Widget, expandable and actionable notification panel and more.

The Jelly Bean update is useful to bring usability improvements to the home screen, along with the ability to pause movies during recording and a smart rotation feature to the camera. You can improve the camera Pause functionality while shooting video. You can add smart rotation and adjust the screen size. It can also prepare for the unexpected loss of data before the implementation of the upgrade is going on and back up your data through Samsung’s Kies (software).

Users can upgrade their device via Kies or can head over to a Samsung Digital Plaza or Samsung Mobile Shop.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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