Samsung ATIV S May Not Arrive Until February 2013

Samsung ATIV S

Looks like Samsung is having troubles in launching its first ever Windows Phone 8 handset. Samsung was the first carrier that has introduced the first Windows Phone 8 handset, which is known as ATIV S. But, the South Korean manufacturer keeps delaying the launch of the handset. There’s so much confusion regarding the exact time frame of the launch dates for the first WP8 handset to be publicly announced. We’ve already heard that ATIV S has been delayed and some regions won’t get it until sometime in early 2013.

SamMobile is reporting that an insider has claimed the ATIV S won’t see its day light until sometime in February of next year. Yes, the handset may not arrive until February, 2013. On the other side, a few days ago, Samsung Canada has hinted that it will launch the ATIV S on Canadian carriers in early-to-mid December. According to a previous leak, Rogers Canada will sell it for $149 on a 3-year contract or $599 off-contract.

There were no reports yet over the ATIV S launch in the United States. But, Verizon is expected to launch mid-range spec’d Samsun ATIV Odyssey by the end of this year and we’ve also seen leaked specs information and render image of the unannounced ATIV Odyssey. Unfortunately, Windows Phone fans are now allowed to choose between HTC (8X and 8S) and Nokia (Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 variants) OEMs only. Good to see that the Finnish mobile maker today announced the affordable WP8 handset called Lumia 620, which will hit the stores in early January.

Source: SamMobile

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