AT&T Samsung Attain (Galaxy S II Variant) Pictures Leaked ?

As we reported last month,Samsung Galaxy S 2 (or S II) would be coming to the US in many carrier-specific variants. But then we are not quite sure when the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S II will debut. And today, we’ve gotten few professional pictures of what looks like a Samsung Attain for AT&T. Samsung Mobile Singapore has posted few pictures of the Galaxy S II accessories on their Facebook account. And they have chosen to fit an “AT&T” branded Galaxy S II version on the Desktop Dock (picture after the break).Samsung Attain leaked pic

When you look at the picture, the first impression you get is that it is that big 4.5-inch monster, Samsung Infuse 4G. But on second thought, you can quickly find that the placement of the power logo us different to that of the original AT&T’s Infuse 4G here. From the picture, it looks like AT&T’s Attain will also feature traditional 4 Android buttons (Menu, Home, Back and Search) rather than just two buttons found on the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S II. That said, we’re not however fully convinced that it is indeed the Samsung Attain, after all it could very well be the Infuse 4G sitting on the dock which is available for $39.99. What’s your take?

[Source: Facebook] [Via: Engadget]

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