Samsung Chromebook aka Series 5 to go on sale for $500 at Gilt on 15 June

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

Google is sending out emails starting today to members who were a part of the Cr-48 pilot program regarding the sale of Samsung Chromebook Series 5 at Gilt Groupe. The email is quite surprising as we have never expected that a Chromebook will come up for sale on Gilt, a growing fashion and luxury brand retailer.

Now as Gilt Groupe is going to sell the first edition Samsung Chromebook, so it is clear that Google is projecting Chromebook as a luxury item. The brand-new Samsung Chromebook will go on sale on June 15.


Another limited offer is that, when you buy your Chromebook, you’ll also be getting a limited edition, custom-fit Chrome sleeve designed by Rickshaw, some kind of unusual promo as its going to be on sale at a fashion retailer.

It is also mentioned that the sale will be for a limited time at Gilt and the sale is only open to those that have received the email, and it’s not clear how many Chromebooks are actually available.

Earlier we had already reported the announcement of Samsung series 5 aka Samsung Chromebook. It is powered by an Intel® Core™2 Duo N570 1.66Ghz Processor which boasts of less than 10 seconds startup time.

Update: The Chromebooks on sale are 3G versions sold for $500.

via engadget.

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