Samsung Executive explains why still Plastic for Galaxy S IV

Samsung'invitation for the Galaxy S IV in New York on March 14

The much awaited Samsung Galaxy S IV will be made out of plastic and it will have a similar plastic build like the Samsung Galaxy S III. Today, Samsung executive Vice president, Y.H. Lee has stated that the South Korean mobile manufacturer will follow its previous methods of designing mobile by using the same material for its Samsung Galaxy S IV as well.

The Vice President told CNET that use of a plastic cover is mainly to enable back cover removal of the device to access the battery and other components easily. Removal of back cover have become a key issue to many consumers where many other manufacturers are getting complaints for not having a removable back over.  She also reiterated that the plastic cover feels light, its bendable and it can absorb physical impact.

Samsung Galaxy S IV

Yesterday, an anonymous Samsung employee claimed that the smartphone will have Eye-Tracking technology which can scroll page even without touching the mobile’s screen. In addition to the impressive feature, the device may feature the fastest internet connection with 5G Wi-Fi technology, the upcoming hexagon and diamond shaped pixel layout, and a wireless charging module which will be compatible with any standard Qi charger.

The device will be unveiled on March 14 at New York City and it is expected to be available in Black and White color options.

Source: CNET

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