[Download] Samsung Fascinate Gets ED05 Software Update To Fix Incoming Call Issue

Verizon is rolling out a minor software update for its Samsung Fascinate handsets. Earlier, on June 14th, the same handset has got ED04 software update to improve the incoming call connectivity. The latest i500.ED05 update fixes the incoming call connectivity issues, along with various other bugs.

The Changes To Take Place after Upgrading To ED05:

# Fix for SMS problems – After sending an SMS message to multiple contacts, single-recipient SMS messages will be sent correctly.
# SMS message reply is sent to the correct recipient as well.
# Pre-loaded Google Books.

That’s it. No more additional features have included in the update. Samsung Fascinate owners should be seeing this new 10MB update pushing to Fascinates in the next few days.

Samsung Fascinate Gets ED05 Software Update

Samsung Fascinate Gets ED05 Software Update

You can install Over-the-Air update in the manual process, by heading over to “Menu” –> “Settings” –> “About Phone” –> “Settings” > “System Updates” > and tap the “Check New” button –> Tap OK –> Installation should start now –> The handset will reboot –> Done. The update should take 10 to 15 minutes to download the software update and install it. Hit the source for a full run down about the software update ED05.

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