Samsung to Fix Galaxy S III Sudden deaths with Firmware update

Samsung Galaxy S III

You may have already known that the Galaxy S III device is one of the best devices of South-Korean mobile manufacturer, Samsung. Even though the device is Samsung’s popular device, back in December, we heard a bad news about the sudden death issue which is found on the Samsung Galaxy S III. Many Samsung Galaxy S III users had reported sudden death of their Samsung Galaxy S III over Reddit and XDA-developer forum. At that time, most of the devices that have this issue were 180 to 200 days old and the issue was found mainly by users living in the UK and other parts of Europe.

Samsung was replacing such dead Galaxy S III units under warranty. Even the rooted units were also eligible for replacement in case of sudden death. Now, Samsung is looking to resolve the sudden death issue with a firmware fix and they are working on a firmware update.

In a new report, Samsung spokesperson Anne Braaky said that “if you have a unit that is not working, take it to a Samsung repair center.” The spokesperson further added that the problem have affected only limited number of Galaxy S3 models with 16GB memory and the cause lies in a firmware bug, which can be easily solved by a firmware update.

There is no word when Samsung will bring the firmware update but we are hoping that it will be available as soon as possible.

Via: PhoneArena

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