Samsung Focus For AT&T to get ‘NoDo’ update on tomorrow

Samsung Focus AT&T

A peculiar source is suggesting that the AT&T connected Samsung Focus powered by Windows Phone 7 will be treating with “Pre- NoDo” and “NoDo” updates from tomorrow, Monday. The  real first official update for Windows Phone 7 NoDo is been due for quite a while now. There was speculation that the NoDo update was delayed due to carrier. NoDo update that is set to bring copy and paste functionality, amongst other things, to WP7 handsets.

Rafael Rivera of Chevron WP7, Windows hacker and known as Microsoft insider has confirmed about this particular rumor on Twitter. This rumor makes sense as he only first leaked the information about the WP7 handset HTC 7 Pro will be releasing as HTC Arrive for Sprint customers. Here what he tweeted about the NoDo update for Focus:

Samsung Focus AT&T To Get NoDo Update

Samsung Focus features a large 4-inch AMOLED display, a 5 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus, and of course all the features of Microsoft’s brand-new Windows Phone 7 operating system: full HTML Web browsing with pinch and zoom, Microsoft Zune service, Bing mapping, Microsoft Office Mobile, Xbox Live integration, and the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Check out the Full Specifications Of Samsung Focus.

Lets hope that Windows Phone 7 will get even better with this month’s update. Keep waiting for tomorrow.

[Via: WP7 Central] [Source: @WithinRaphel]

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