[Download] Galaxy Nexus Factory ITL41D Images–Bootloader, Recovery, System Available Now

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

GSM capable Samsung Galaxy Nexus users can now safely hack their handsets. Android team member Jean-Baptiste Queru announced on Android Building Google Groups page that the complete factory restore images – Android 4.0.1 (ITL41D) for the GSM/HSPA+ flavored Galaxy Nexus handsets are now available to download (not for LTE flavored phones). The image files that are included bootloader, radio, system, recovery, boot and userdata. Jean-Baptiste Queru“ has stated that “hopefully this’ll be useful to people flashing custom AOSP builds, as it provides a clean supported way to return to factory state.”

After flashing back to a factory state, the Galaxy Nexus handset’s bootloader is still unlocked. You should lock it back in order to secure your device (“fastboot oem lock”). A handy “flash-all.sh” script has also been added that, which will let you to get your phone back to its factory state with good condition. So, you don’t need to get panic, if you screw up the system software. To use these images, users will need to have fastboot up and running and you should be careful before you proceed. So, you should also spend a bit of time reading if you’re not familiar with the process. Interested folks can download the complete factory image for the Galaxy Nexus form the link provided here at below.

Download Link: Factory Images For Samsung Galaxy Nexus – 4.0.1 (ITL41D).

Hopefully, Google will also release the similar files for the LTE flavored Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset after that version of the phone finally goes up for sale in the coming days.

Source: Android Building Google Group

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