[Download] Google Wallet Apk For Galaxy Nexus LTE Available Now

Google Wallet Apk For Galaxy Nexus LTE

Initial rumors have reported that the Google Wallet feature will not be available on Verizon branded LTE capable Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset, but the carrier has assured the Android fans that they are not blocking the Google Wallet on LTE Galaxy Nexus handset. A couple of days ago, we’ve seen the leaked Google Wallet Apk’s flashable file developed for the rooted Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE handset. Today, the folks over XDA forums, have reported that another version of Google Wallet Apk file, which can be installed on every LTE capable Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset. You don’t need to root your handset to take advantage of this app.

Please note that if you’ve already ported the flashable .apk on your handset, you may have to return to a backup pre-Wallet in order to make the newly released .apk to work out on your handset. According to reports. this .apk file works on the latest released Android 4.0.2 ICL43f build installed Galaxy Nexus LTE handsets

You can download the Google Wallet .apk file by hitting the links provided here at below.


com.google.android.apps.walletnfcrel-2.apk (Mirror Link)

Click on the below screenshot to view it in bigger size.

LTE GNex's Google Wallet Apk Screen Shot

Source: XDA Forums

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