[Download] Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE’s ICL53F (Android 4.0.2) Factory Images Also Available Now

Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Owners of the brand new LTE capable Samsung Galaxy Nexus must be busy either porting their handset with factory images or upgrading the handset with latest OTA firmware update ICL53F, pushing by Verizon Wireless. Android Team has already released it set of factory images of Android 4.0.1 ICS with ITL41D build. After a couple of hours of releasing the ITL41D factory images, Android Team also drops another set of factory images for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus LTE handset – ICL53F. That is Android 4.0.2 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Just like the ITL41D, the ICL53F files also allow you to return your Galaxy Nexus LTE handset back to stock at any moment and it no matter what mess you do to it on the software side.


You can download the system image files of the Android 4.0.2 ICS ICL53F for your Galaxy Nexus LTE handset by hitting the link here at below. You will also find the ITL41D system image files.

Android 4.0.2 ICS ICL53F System Image (1), (2).
Android 4.0.1 ICS ITL41D System Image.

This is the same factory image of the OTA update ICL53F that was pushed out by Verizon Wireless. Check out the previously released system image file ITL41D for the GSM/HSPA+ capable Galaxy Nexus handset.

Source: Android Building Group

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