Samsung Galaxy S II Gets Two Software Updates Via Kies

Samsung Galaxy S II has been recently released in some countries and is rolling out very soon in many other countries but that doesn’t stop Samsung from releasing the first software update to the phone. Folks over at Android Community have spotted two firmware updates that are headed to the phone through Samsung Kies.

Samsung Galaxy S II firmware update

Two new firmware updates are available for the Samsung Galaxy S II phone which will update the firmware to the i9100XWKE2 version. The updates resolve two issues, the first one will make the phone’s Swype functionality more responsive (and includes fixes for some connectivity issues), the second update will fix a bug related to the Galaxy S II’s automatic brightness.

The good thing about the firmware updates is that, they will still keep the firmware rootable, so that the users can install custom ROMs. These updates, however didn’t appear when using the built-in firmware update application on the phone. So the only way to download these software updates is to connect your Galaxy S II to your PC and using the Samsung Kies.

[Via Android Central]

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