Samsung Galaxy S II Gets Overclocked To 1.5GHz!

Samsung Galaxy S II, considered as the most powerful Android smartphone hit the stores very recently and we already have a stable overclock! Samsung initially announced the Samsung Galaxy S II with 1 GHz processor. However, it has just speeded up the phone’s dual-core processor to 1.2GHz before making releasing it to the markets. And now that the phone is available for takers, some enthusiasts could come up with a much impressive overclock of 1.5GHz. Awesome, isn’t it?

Thanks to user coolbno3000 over the XDA Developers forum who managed to overclock the Galaxy S II up to 1.5GHz and that too without any slogging issues. He could also get some great benchmark results (over 4000 points in Quadrant).


In case you want to overclock your Samsung Galaxy S II to 1.5GHz, coolbno3000 again will help you. He has made the source code publicly available so that others can follow the process. But please note that overclocking might result in your phone’s damage or even might void your warranty. Watch the video of the actual overclocking process and hit the link for complete tutorial.

[Source: XDA Developers Forum]

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