Samsung Galaxy S II Plus First Press Shot Leaked; Featuring Ice Cream Sandwich (Is It Fake?)

Samsung Galaxy S II Plus

It’s really hard to keep a highly-anticipated phone like a secret. Rumors have been circling this week of a new Samsung smartphone in the works. Just a couple of days ago, we started hearing about the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus handset. Surprisingly, the first press shot of the Galaxy S II Plus handset has leaked online today. Is it fake or does it mean we’re one step closer to the phone’s launch? You can observe that date in weather widget is 4/27, which is Friday for this year, not Wednesday. In fact, the Galaxy S II plus handset is expected to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2012 event in Barcelona. However, Samsung confirmed that Samsung Galaxy S III handset won’t be introduced at MWC event.

Russian tech blogger Elder Murtazin has uploaded this image onto Twitter and he confirmed it is indeed the first press shot of the upcoming Galaxy S II Plus handset. It sports the same styling of the on-screen Android menu at its bottom, a la Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the three capacitive buttons are hinting us that the Galaxy S II Plus handset will be running the latest and greatest version of Android OS – v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. But we’d be surprised if it won’t be shipped with an Ice Cream Sandwich out-of-the-box at its launch time.

The Galaxy S II Plus phone is said to be equipped with a faster 1.5GHz Dual Core Processor. No other details have been revealed about the exact specs of this handset. In terms of looks, The Galaxy S II Plus is the Galaxy S II’s almost identical brother.

Elder doesn’t give guidance on timing, but we are sure it will be announced very soon. Hopefully, Samsung will officially unveil this thing at MWC event this month, revealing its release date and the price tag info.

Samsung Galaxy S II Plus Tweet Confirmation

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