Samsung Galaxy S III Gets Rooted Before Retail Debut

Samsung Galaxy S III Rooted Before Retail Debut

Good news for those of you that are thinking about picking up this year’s most hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III, when it arrives in coming weeks (or in coming months). Yes, if the GSIII is on your future listings – you’re in luck. It’s obvious that when new Android device is set to release, someone tries to bring it to its roots. Samsung Galaxy S III gets rooted before its hits the retail stores. A famed Android developer Chainfire has cracked Galaxy S III handset’s software. He got root on a leaked firmware build of the device. The hacker never had the handset in hand and it was all done with release candidate software. We believe that this rooting process has been done to the international version of the Galaxy S III and not the U.S. editions.

The rooting involves only reloading the kernel with an altered adb binary and then manually installing SuperUser. Its recovery partition will let recoveries to be flashed separately from the kernel. The hacker hasn’t released the “insecure” kernel, as it may be retraceable to the source. Anyway, root has been achieved for the Samsung Galaxy S III and it must be a great news for those planning to pick this up in the coming weeks. The international unlocked GSM version of the GSIII GT-I9003 is now available for pre-order in the U.S. over at Amazon and Expansys websites.

Samsung Galaxy S III will reach European carrier by the end of this month. An exact release date for the U.S. launch is unavailable at this point, but official statements place its launch in the during June.

Source: XDA

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