Samsung Galaxy S IV rumored to come with Eye-Tracking technology

Samsung's invitation for the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S IV in New York

Just an hour back we reported that the Samsung Galaxy S IV will be running Google’s Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out of the box with 2GB of RAM and with some high-end specs including a 13MP camera with resolution of 4,128 x 3,096 pixels. Now, a new report has suggested that the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S IV will have Eye-Tracking technology which will be used for eye-based scrolling.

By using this technology, users can easily scroll page simply just positioning of their eyes to the page they wish to scroll without even touching the screen of the device. The information regarding the introduction of eye-tracking technology on the smartphone was revealed by an anonymous Samsung employee to the New York Times media.

Samsung Galaxy S IV

Since there is no further report as of now, it is still confusing what kind of technology is being used to track eye movements. We will have to find out if the alleged eye-scrolling feature is coming to the device at the upcoming Samsung’s Galaxy S IV announcement at Times Square in New York on March 14.

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is rumored to pack some salient features like the fastest internet connection with 5G Wi-Fi technology and a wireless charging module which will be compatible with any standard Qi charger. In addition to the above features, it may come with the upcoming hexagon and diamond shaped pixel layout which will help to become one of the highest resolution displays when compared to other rival products. The device is expected to be available in Black and White color options.

Source: New York Times

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