Samsung Galaxy S Plus With 1.4GHz CPU And Android 2.3.3, Poses For The Cameras

Samsung Galaxy S Plus Vodafone

Looks like Samsung does want to make the most of the their flagship Galaxy S series of the Android smartphones. Well, we have already seen too many variants of the popular Samsung Galaxy S over the last one year. Now we’re in the years where we are now seeing the successors like the brilliant Samsung Galaxy S II. But would you believe that Samsung has come up with a new variant of the Samsung Galaxy S by upping the configuration of the good old Galaxy S a bit? Well, the Korean smartphone manufacturing company did exactly that.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus sideSamsung Galaxy S Plus GT i9001

Well, Samsung has announced the new Samsung Galaxy S Plus (known as Samsung Galaxy S 2011 in Russia) in April. And today, we are seeing some real hands-on pictures of the device coming from various sites. The specs still remain the same as they were speculated initially.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus has a slightly enhanced 1.4GHz single-core processor instead of the 1GHz CPU on the original Galaxy S and somewhat bigger 1650mAh (that one that you find in the Samsung Galaxy S II) battery. Galaxy S Plus comes with Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread OS. The other aspects of the phone should be identical to the original Galaxy S.

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Galaxy S Plus is currently available for purchase at Vodafone UK for free with a two-year contract and a £30 per month plan. The phone could be a right choice for the people looking to buy the original Galaxy S but not for those looking to buy the all new Galaxy S II (read our review here).

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