Samsung Galaxy S turns Wi-Fi Direct Certified Phone now

The already released smartphone Samsung galaxy S has become the first smartphone by getting Wi-Fi Direct Certification according to Wi-Fi Alliance. So the Android powered Galaxy S is the first device that qualified for new point-to-point Wi-Fi communications



With the help of this Wi-Fi Direct, there will be no need of a router, so we can connect the devices directly & enjoy the device to device wireless fast transfer speeds of Wi-Fi b/g/n 802.11 with out the help of wireless access point. Similar to Bluetooth in scope, Wi-Fi Direct has the advantage that more gadgets now support WiFi than support Bluetooth. After all, the real benefit of Wi-Fi Direct is that only one Wi-Fi device needs to be Wi-Fi Direct capable for the connection to work.

Wi-Fi Direct is that only one of the devices needs to be Direct-enabled for the connection to work.

It seems that Samsung is making news every time by becoming ‘firsts’ in many sources. 2 years back, Samsung Omnia has been declared as the first DivX certified smartphone and now Samsung Galaxy S is the first to be certified with Wi-Fi Direct service.

Its not clear that the Samsung Galaxy S will receive this Wi-Fi Direct as the firmware update or an app.

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