Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Tab Getting Software Update EC02

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab's Software Update

It seems that the Verizon wireless isn’t ignoring its Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy Tab users. Verizon has recently dropped the Galaxy Tab’s price all the way to $199.99 on contract. Now the Verizon Wireless has started rolling out a Software Update EC02 for the Galaxy Tab and bear in mind that its not the much anticipated Honeycomb update. We are wondering if the Galaxy Tab will ever get the Honeycomb juice or not.

The new Software update contains some enhancements, bug fixes.

The Changes To Take Place With The Software Update EC02:

# Improved Browser speed.
# Wi-Fi Hotspots won’t effect the battery life.
# Adobe Flash Player updated to
# Fixed Time-Zone calendar settings.
# Some other Email and Messaging features improved and more.


A notification alert should appear on the device, when the update is available. You can also check it manually by selecting the Settings –> About device –> System Updates –> and Choose Restart & Install. This update weighs in at 34MB and it will take you up to 15 mins to down and update it.

Head over to here (hit the link) for more info regarding the software update installation.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab's Software Update

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