Samsung unveils new ‘GPS Restore’ app for Captivate, Vibrant & other Galaxy S models

GPS Restore on Galaxy S Captivate & VibrantGPS Restore on Galaxy SGPS Restore on Galaxy S Captivate & Vibrant

Samsung has released an update that contains GPS improvements and today announced the availability of a new app called “GPS Restore Application”, tweeted by Samsung Mobile. AT&T’s Captivate, T-Mobile’s Vibrant and other Galaxy S handsets are compatible with this app at present.

Samsung has observed during their online surveillance, there is an abundance of GPS tweaks that impair GPS performance. Most probably, these problems occur because the hardware is poorly integrated with the software.

GPS Restore app is about to restoring a device’s GPS settings to their original state. So get a way to Android markets and give a try to this GPS Restore app. Check out how the GPS restore updating processing works here at Samsung.

Note: Currently, Captivate & Vibrant handsets are only supported this update working. When can we expect they will make it to Samsung’s Galaxy S branded smartphones Epic 4G, Fascinate, Mesmerize.?

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