Samsung GT-i8350 Running Windows Phone 7 Mango Leaks

Samsung is reportedly preparing a new Windows Phone 7 if the new rumors about the same are to be believed. Microsoft, while launching the Windows Phone Mango back in May, announced that a slew of new Windows Phones will be coming before the end of this year, courtesy the launch partners associated with Microsoft. We already know that Samsung is one among the partners. And now the news about an upcoming Windows Phone 7, after its Omnia 7 Windows Phone is on the lines of what we expected as we are already nearing the Q4 of 2011.

Samsung GT-i8350 UAprof screenshot

According to a user agent profile (UAProf) that was spotted by the Japanese website Nanapho, this new Windows Phone handset is being numbered Samsung GT-i8350 and will have the Internet Explorer 9 browser. And that’s more than enough to conclude that it is going run the Windows Phone 7 Mango OS since it is the only version of the WP7 known to be shipping with IE9 pre-installed. According to the user agent profile, the Samsung GT-i8350 will be having a 800 x 480 resolution display (AMOLED most likely) and will also sport Bluetooth 2.1 and HSPA+ connectivity (Omnia had only HSDPA) as well.

Though everything else is fine about this device, however we get a bit confused by the model number GT-i8350. As we know that the Samsung Omnia’s model number is GT-i8700, we expect the next WP7 phone to have a higher-model-number (like GT-i8750) which isn’t the case here. Interestingly, GT-I8350 has already been added to Samsung UK’s official support page, which we think may soon be updated with other Samsung WP7 devices currently in the works.

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