Is Samsung GT-I9500X the Galaxy S IV? Spotted at Samsung’s website

Samsung Galaxy S IV

Recently, a leaked image which is apparently the image of the purported device, Samsung Galaxy S IV was spotted online and it is also claimed that the device will have no home button and the design of the device is very similar to the design of the Samsung Galaxy S III.

A new report claims that a Samsung device bearing model number GT-I9500X, possibly the Galaxy S IV has been spotted on the official website of Samsung’s software download page. In the download page, after selecting mobile device from the drop down list of “type” and smartphone from “sub-type”, the GT-I9500X model number (but it has been deleted) has been found. So, we can confirm that the Samsung device having I9500, model number is real. But the website doesn’t reveal further information about the device.

Samsung device bearing GT-I9500X model number

The Galaxy S IV device was expected to be running either Google’s Android or Samsung TIZEN operating system but its LTE version will be an Android powered device, which was reportedly confirmed by the firmware of Samsung Galaxy S III mini recently.

In December Last year, it was claimed that Samsung is planning to debut its flagship device, its LTE variant at CES 2013 and it is expected that the GT-I9500 and GT-I9505 will be the model numbers of the devices respectively. But recently, folks at Samsung Lebanon leaked out on Facebook stating that the device won’t be unveiled before May.

Source: Samsung
Via: PhoneArena

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