Samsung Impulse 4G Rumored To Be The First AT&T LTE Capable Android Handset

AT&T's Samsung Impulse 4G

We are not sure what do we have here. The handset you’re looking above could become AT&T’s first LTE-capable smartphone and it will be launched as Samsung Impulse 4G – claiming by the folks over at BGR. AT&T is expected to bring its 4G LTE by the end of this year and everybody is curious to see the first device to rock those super fast speeds. Hopefully, the Samsung Impulse 4G is packing support for LTE connectivity. The source couldn’t provide no other information regarding its launch details and technical specifications. In addition, the source has got an image of an alleged case for the Impulse’s rear side. We can observe that this handset’s overall shape and design is remindful to  the Verizon’s LTE capable Samsung Droid Charge Android phone, and the Samsung Focus Windows Phone. Impulse 4G would apparently replace the Charge’s hardware buttons with capacitive, and they’re positioned closer to the display.

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AT&T has labelled the “4G” tag to this handset’s name. This “4G” term is leading us to remember that 4G term is currently gracing some of the carrier’s HSPA+ enabled smartphones. We’ve also seen another leaked Samsung-made Android QWERTY handset, which is slated to release on the AT&T air waves. Assuming Samsung Impulse 4G isn’t AT&T’s very first 4G LTE capable phone, it means there will be two new Samsung Android smartphones available via the US carrier soon. Well, let’s wait and see what happens in the coming months.


Samsung Impulse 4G Case

[Source: BGR]

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