[Download] Samsung Infuse 4G’s Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread ROM I997UCKI4 Leaked

Samsung Infuse 4G Gets Android 2.3.5 ROM I997UCKI4

We’ve recently reported about a new Gingerbread ROM leak for the HTC-made Verizon Thunderbolt. We got news about another Gingerbread leak for AT&T branded Samsung Infuse 4G handset. AT&T has solemnly promised the Gingerbread update by the end of the August for the Samsung Infuse 4G, but the carrier hasn’t started rolling out the update yet and was mum on the actual release date for the new OS. All Samsung Infuse 4G users should be wondering when they can finally update their handsets to Gingerbread, unfortunately, August passed and we didn’t see the update yet. A certain ROM has been recently just leaked for Samsung Infuse 4G and the source is claiming that it is Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread update. The leak comes from Samfirmware website and is carrying the build number I997UCKI4.

There’s no real guarantee that the leaked Gingerbread ROM will indeed be the final version MaBell network will be pushing out. This is not the official update from the manufacturer & the carrier that you might be looking for. So, you are advised to wait for the official release to upgrade your Samsung Infuse 4G handset. We’re still waiting for the official Gingerbread update to be delivered over-the-air, but if you can’t resist, hit the download link at below. Note that, you should back up all data on your handsets before kicking of this update, because the phone’s entire data can be wiped clean.

Download: Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread I997UCKI4 for AT&T’s Samsung Infuse 4G.

So, we are finally seeing an unofficial Gingerbread leak for Infuse 4G handset. That’s a great news as Samsung Infuse 4G owners have been incredibly patient while they wait for Samsung to give AT&T the go to release some Gingerbread love. So if you decide to give it a try and update your Samsung Infuse 4g to Android 2.5 Gingerbread OS, do not forget to tell us how it goes.

Source: SamFirmware Via: PocketNow

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