Samsung Mandel SGH-i667 Windows Phone Goes To FCC with AT&T’s 4G LTE Bands

Samsung Mandel SGH-i667 Hits FCC

An unannounced Samsung device, bearing the model no. SGH-i667 took its first spin through the labs of the FCC on Wednesday. The Samsung SGH-i667 is a Windows Phone expected to be launched as Samsung “Mandel”. AT&T is rumored to launch three 4G Windows Phones in the coming months, while the Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II handsets have been already announced by the carrier, Samsung Mandel is expected to join both these handsets. We also heard that HTC intend to release Windows Phones with LTE support, which is codenamed “Radiant”.

Earlier this year, Samsung Mandel 4G LTE Windows Phone have been also confirmed by UAProf document and the handset has passed through Bluetooth certification on January 5th. Nothing is known about the Samsung SGH-i667 handset at the moment, but the FCC docs have confirmed the handset’s LTE connectivity, sporting bands 4 and 17, which are being used by AT&T in the U.S. The device also has the standard HSPA+ dual-band for AT&T, along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

According to the reports, the Samsung Mandel SGH-i667 handset could be the larger version of the Samsung Focus S and it should be sporting a screen larger than the 4.3 inches. Hold tight, folks. Samsung Mandel SGH-i667 handset should hit the shelves sometime in the first half of this year.

Source: FCC, Via: PocketNow

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