Samsung OLED Production for iPhone 15 to Start Early

iPhone 15 OLED Displays

Samsung Display, the supplier of OLED panels for Apple’s iPhones, is reportedly set to commence production of OLED panels for the upcoming iPhone 15 series a month ahead of schedule. The decision was reportedly prompted by production issues experienced by one of Apple’s other suppliers.

Earlier reports had suggested that BOE was set to overtake Samsung Display as Apple’s primary supplier of OLED panels for the upcoming iPhone 15 series. However, a recent report has revealed that BOE is facing manufacturing and quality issues with its OLEDs, which could result in Samsung Display once again becoming Apple’s primary OLED panel supplier.

According to a report from South Korea, Samsung Display has made significant progress in streamlining its OLED manufacturing process, which has enabled it to accelerate production schedules for Apple’s devices. The move is expected to boost Apple’s supply chain and ensure the timely delivery of iPhone 15 devices to its customers.

Apple has first ordered BOE to manufacture OLED panels for the base model of the upcoming iPhone 15 series, which is expected to feature a display notch at the top. However, BOE has reportedly encountered manufacturing issues that are causing quality problems with its notched OLED panels.

Previous reports indicated that BOE’s notched panels are suffering from light leakage due to inadequate covering and isolation, which could be attributed to manufacturing issues. This has reportedly caused concerns for Apple, as the company relies on its suppliers to provide high-quality components for its devices. This light leakage issue is a cause for concern for Apple as it could impact the overall user experience and the accuracy of the TrueDepth camera and Face ID technology.  As a result, Apple has turned to Samsung Display to start manufacturing OLED panels for the iPhone 15 series a month earlier than planned to compensate for BOE’s manufacturing issues.

BOE was unable to meet Apple’s production standards and schedule, prompting the company to ask Samsung to step in and begin manufacturing OLED panels for the basic iPhone 15 model in May, a month earlier than expected. The higher-end variants of the iPhone 15 series will also feature OLED panels, which will be manufactured by Samsung Display starting in June.

On a separate note, LG Display is scheduled to begin production of LTPO TFT OLED panels intended for the higher-tier models of iPhone 15 in June. These LPTO panels offer 120Hz ProMotion support and a 1Hz refresh rate capability that allows the Lock Screen to remain visible without consuming too much battery power.

Despite Samsung Display starting production of iPhone 15 OLED panels a month earlier than planned due to BOE’s inability to meet Apple’s requirements and timeline, it’s not the end of the road for the Chinese display panel maker as an Apple supplier, according to the report. BOE is said to be making progress in addressing the light leakage issue and could begin supplying OLED panels for iPhone 15 later this year.

Apple reportedly intends to keep BOE in its supply chain, provided the company resolves the issues on time. Samsung and LG have been tasked with fulfilling the majority of the OLED panel orders for the upcoming iPhone 15 models until BOE resolves its manufacturing issues.

As per tradition, the iPhone 15 series is anticipated to launch in September. To keep updated on all the latest information about the new models, make sure to explore our website.

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