Samsung Faces Problem with 441ppi Display Production, Delays Inevitable

Samsung Galaxy S4 may have 441ppi panels

Recently, we heard that South-Korean mobile manufacturer, Samsung will manufacture a full 5-inch1920x1080 display with a 441ppi on its upcoming flagship device, Samsung Galaxy S IV. Now a daily newspaper for electronics and computer, DigiTimes has reported that Samsung Display can’t deliver high quality density panels due to the lack of high-end technology necessary to produce them.

Earlier this month, many mobile manufacturers including Oppo mobile and HTC announced that they will include high quality 1080p, 441ppi display on their upcoming smartphones, the Find 5 and HTC Droid DNA respectively. Chinese computer hardware and electronics OEM, Lenovo also appears to be manufacturing its own smartphone with 1080p display. Again, a newly leaked screenshot from GL Benchmark claimed that mysterious device code-named the LG-F240 smartphone will sport a 1920 x 1080p HD display.

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It is also reported that the display has a 4.99-inch AMOLED panel but Samsung Display doesn’t have the technology for mass production because of its evaporation process technology. Further the source has claimed that they are seeking more advanced LITI technology from 3M that can enable OLED materials to be printed on glass. But, they are now facing problems with that technology, particularly with blue-colored materials, causing interruption in the mass production.

Due to delay in production, Samsung Electronics may not be able to release the Samsung Galaxy S IV on time. Earlier, it was reported by many sources that the device will be launched sometime in the second quarter of 2013.


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