Samsung SGH-I337 1080p Android Confirmed by UAProf; Could It Be AT&T Galaxy S IV?

Samsung SGH-I337 UAProf

For those still wondering whether Samsung’s Galaxy S IV handset will be heading to AT&T in the U.S., there may finally be a definitive answer. Samsung has provided a user agent profile aka UAProf on its website, for a device that is probably to be the next member of the of the Galaxy S family – Galaxy S IV editions, heading to one of the U.S. based wireless carriers. The user agent profile for the Samsung SGH-I337 device recently popped up on Samsung’s official website.

What we can learn from the UAProf is that the Samsung SGH-I337 will have a screen resolution of 1920x 1080 pixels. If you might remember, AT&T branded Samsung Galaxy S III handset’s product name is SGH-I747. However, the rumored Galaxy S IV has a 1080p resolution just like the SGH-I337 which makes us believe that the latter could be heading to AT&T or it is another upcoming full HD Samsung device for AT&T. The UAProf doesn’t reveal much about the features of the SGH-I337 phone, but it does indicate a “Phone Keypad” feature for the device. AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note II SGH-I317’s UAProf has also listed the same Phone Keypad entry.

Samsung Galaxy S IV is expected to feature a 4.99” Full HD Super AMOLED screen and the manufacturer is also rumored to introduce a hexagon and diamond shaped pixel layouts for the device. The global version of the Galaxy S IV handset will carry the GT-I950X model number. First rumored to make a Mobile World Congress unveiling next month, but it’s now been confirmed that it will be launched at a dedicated Mobile Unpacked event in March. We’ll be here with more details when it becomes official.

Source: Samsung

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